Helllloooo EVERYBODY! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our exciting, new conversation series; Chattable: Hollywood Stories, Insights & Overshares.


Actors Comedy Studio has many friends throughout the entertainment industry. We thought we’d ask them to join us for a chat online to share their wealth of knowledge with our students and fans from around the globe.


Chattable focuses on personal experiences that shaped our guests lives and careers. We’ll discuss current and past projects with outstanding humans who have valuable insights into the craft and industry. Sometimes we learn from a great class, other times we learn from a great story.


Just click on a guest’s name for more information and to RSVP. All of our Chattable conversations are held on Zoom and there is no cost to attend!


Fred Goss
Director: Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Community, New Girl, etc.
Friday, Sept. 11 @ 3 pm PST


Camilla Cleese
Stand-up, Writer, Actor, Producer, Comedian
Monday, Sept. 14 @ 3 pm PST


Elaine Hendrix
Actor (Alexis Carrington on CW’s Dynasty), Producer, Teacher, Animal Rights Activist
Saturday, Sept. 19 @ 3 pm PST


Dorian Frankel
Emmy Award Winning Casting Director, Musician, Improviser
Monday, Sept. 21 @ 3pm PST


Kate Linder
Legendary Soap Opera Actor (Esther Valentine on CBS’ The Young & The Restless), Humanitarian
Saturday, Sept. 26 @ 3 pm PST


David H. Lawrence XVII
Prolific Voice Over Artist, Instructor, Actor, Entrepreneur
Friday, Oct. 2 @ 3 pm PST


Beth Lapides
Writer, Host, Comedian, Producer, Actor & Activist
Friday, Oct. 9 @ 3 pm PST


Kamala Lopez
Filmmaker, Actor, Writer, Activist
Friday, Oct. 16 @ 3 pm PST


Phyllis Katz
Actor, Writer, Improviser, Renowned Comedy Coach, Founding Member of Groundlings
Friday, Oct. 23 @ 3pm PST


Senior Agent at BRS/Gage, a Bi-Coastal Talent Agency
Saturday, Oct. 31 @ 3pm PST